Sectional Garage Doors

Style to Fit

Ideal for light to heavy duty applications, sectional doors can be custom-made to fit and size opening.

One of the most commonly found doors out there, sectional doors can be found in varying gauges for strength and security. Steel and energy-efficient insulated doors are a durable and low-maintenance option that’s perfect for warehouses, shipping docks, fire stations, and more.

When visibility and natural light are a requirement, full-view aluminum and glass doors are a perfect choice and are available in a variety of colours and glazing options.

Sectional doors can be built to fit almost any sized opening and equipped with a variety of operating systems to suit your specific requirements.

Our specialists will work with you to select the perfect sectional door to protect your building and provide reliable operation.

Beginning with an on-site consultation, we will professionally install your sectional garage door and back it up with a full warranty.

Onsite Consultation

Project Installation

Monthly Maintenance

Victoria property managers rely on us for installing, maintaining, and when needed, the 24hr emergency service we provide for their buildings.

We are the experts for residential and commercial doors. We are ready to provide solutions and services to get your doors working like new.

24 Hr Service is reserved for maintenance contract customers

Our quarterly maintenance customers benefit from around-the-clock support from our technicians. If you are not a current contract customer, we may not be able to attend your issue outside of business hours.