Driveway Gates

Style and Security

Available in many different styles and functions, our specialists will make sure you have the perfect gate for your property.

An estate or driveway gate from Depend-A-Dor not only offers security and protection but will also be the first impression you will make on your guests.

A properly designed driveway gate system can be the perfect way to complete the look of your home while offering increased security and traffic control. Driveway gates can swing open or slide across your driveway on a cantilever system. Either system is a great choice with lots of options and benefits.

We also install motion sensors to automatically open the gate system when you are leaving and motion activated lighting to help guide you through the driveway at night. Telephone, remote and keypad entry systems are available in a wide range of options to meet your mobility and security needs.

Did you know that many home and business insurance companies offer discounts for properties that are protected by driveway and estate gates?

A beautiful driveway gate system can be the perfect addition to your Victoria home. It can be an excellent investment for a variety of reasons. When it comes to the safety and security of your family, peace of mind, and the value it adds can be priceless. Driveway gates can swing open or slide across your driveway. Either system is a great choice with lots of options and benefits. If you’re thinking about whether a driveway gate may be for you, we have put together a list of things s to consider.

Increased Security

The most obvious reason to get an automatic gate is for security, and of course, a driveway gate provides just that.  In fact, often, these kinds of gates are called ‘driveway security gates’.

An automatic driveway gate is not just a visual deterrent, it will also restrict vehicle and pedestrian access to your property which can be essential to keep out unwanted people and will deter break-ins as robbers who see the gate will move to an easier target.  This means an added layer of security for your family and will make you feel safer and help you sleep at night.

Additional Privacy

If you want more privacy, then a driveway gateway is a good investment to make. It prevents people from peering into your driveway, your front yard, and even your home. You never have to worry about nosy neighbours ever again! You can walk around your yard, giving you a sense of peace and calm without unwanted interruptions.

Property Beautification

First impressions are important and having a beautiful gate can add a sense of luxury to your home. If you’re not familiar with the term curbside appeal, it basically means how good your property looks from the outside while standing on the street. You can customize a driveway gateway to your liking so it fits in with the rest of your property or you can make a bold statement with it. The choice is up to you and the type of statement you wish to make to someone passing by.

Value-Add For Your Property

A driveway gateway is an important and much-wanted feature and as such can significantly add value to your property. People want to feel their home is safe and secure and a driveway is definitely an appealing feature to potential buyers. Oftentimes, you can significantly increase the value of your property just by this simple addition. So if you should decide to sell your property, it can help set your home apart from other similar properties on the market.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

This is something few people think about when installing a driveway gate, but your insurance company may lower your insurance premiums. Insurance specialists understand the benefits of driveway gates and their ability to improve home security.

A driveway gate may not only reduce your home and contents insurance premiums, but can also reduce your premiums for the assets that you store on your property, such as vehicles, boats, and trailers.  Over time, these savings can become quite significant and can even offset the cost of installing your gates.

If you would like more information on our range of electric driveway gates or would like to arrange a free quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Depend-A-Dor where we are always happy to help. 

Beginning with an on-site consultation, we will professionally install your gate and back it up with our monthly maintenance program and a full warranty.

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